A Brave Step is re-establishing your self-worth.

This is very hard to do because some people don’t remember their abuse fully until years later. People go through life for years lacking confidence but don’t even know what’s the root of their self-deprecation. Reestablishing your self-worth starts with loving the small details about yourself whether that’s a physical characteristic or a personality trait. When I was reestablishing my self-worth, I focused on just trying to love who I was more each day. I would try to focus on my positive traits like how I’m willing to help people even when I’m feeling down. I pushed the negative thoughts of self-hatred to the back of my mind. There is only one you in this world so no matter what happens love yourself. Start you day off with positive self talks. For example, tell yourself three things you hope to get out of that day and tell yourself three things you have within yourself to be able to achieve those things. Make your biggest supporter yourself and always keep in mind that no one has your back like you do. When you decide to not let pain hinder you, you begin to rise up and the feelings you once fought against that told you you weren’t worth anything will start to dwindle. A big part of re-establishing your self worth is spending time with people who lift you up and staying away from those who tear you down. In my life, I have stayed around people for too long who didn’t have anything positive to bring to my life, but I decided I didn’t have to let those people win. I used to let people down talk me until I learned that I was worth so much more.This Brave Step takes a lot of courage and patience. Feeling worthy when you’ve dealt with abuse is one of the hardest things I think a person goes through in life. Abuse of any kind can leave someone questioning their value. One thing I learned is that anyone who abuses another person is a coward and that the person who dealt with the abuse is the strong person. There is strength in weakness because just like the rain is soft but it can flood the pavement is just like any victim in those moments might of felt small but they will rise up victorious reclaiming themselves taking back their power. But I promise you all the effort you put into making yourself feel worthy again will be worth everything.