Loved Ones & Allies

At Brave Step®, we believe that educating and supporting the loved ones and allies of a survivor is critical. We offer trauma-focused care and a supportive, understanding place to process your emotions.

As a parent, caregiver, intimate partner, friend, family member, teacher, leader and/or ally, you may be at a loss with how best to support a survivor.

We are here to help you help those you care about.

"I am very grateful for this referral/resource. I was struggling with all aspects of life after this tragic event, but this (group experience) has been very fulfilling.”

Parent of a Child Survivor

"Hearing other’s perspectives and stories helped me feel less alone."

Family Member of an Adult Survivor

When asked what was the most helpful aspect of the Loved Ones group ... "The mental and emotional support, the comfort and true laughter … the love!"

Parent of a Child Survivor

"That I am not alone. Others understand what I am experiencing."

Loved One

"This project is so important and addresses a problem we think is bigger than any other we have worked on over our 45 or so year careers. "

George Appenzeller, MSW, and Sarah Meadows, MSW

"Meeting other men who are in similar situations as me was very helpful."

Intimate Partner

The Brave Step Loved Ones psychoeducation program will teach you about the impact of sexual violence, your role as an ally, arm you with knowledge and skills, and offer support from others in similar experiences.

Program Details

Choose Your Path

Review Expectations

For an overview on program participation, policies, and guidelines, please click here.

Prepare to Learn

Each course will last six sessions approximately 1.5 hours each week or can be completed over a weekend as a retreat. The program will be offered in-person and virtually.

Nice to Know

Desired Outcomes

  • Increase in knowledge about sexual violence.
  • Increase in knowledge about how the survivor is impacted and how it has impacted relationships.
  • Increase in skills to better support the survivor.
  • Forming relationships within and outside the group to support one another.
  • An individual is more equipped to care following the program.
  • Increase in connection with others.

Certified Loved Ones Facilitators

Brave Step works with highly trained mental health practioners to deliver this evidence-based curriculum. Click here to get to know the current providers.

Reporting Requirements

Records are strictly confidential except where state law requires the reporting of credible threats of violence, harm to self or others, or child or elderly abuse and neglect, or when the court orders the release of information.

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Upcoming Groups

2024 Groups

Aug. 6 at 6:30 p.m. ET: Virtual Family and Allies of a Young Survivor


A Story of Impact

Additional Care Options 

*Please note, due to a significant demand for counseling services, Brave Step has implemented a waitlist for individual counseling. This waitlist is only limited to individual counseling and could delay access to individual counseling for 12 months or more. While we are diligently working to expand our capacity and resources, please know there could be a significant wait. To be added to the waitlist, we encourage you to submit your information via the form below followed by a full application.

Brave Step’s additional programs are open and welcome your participation.  

If you are interested in recommendations for individual counseling, please contact us at

Thank you for your patience.

Individual Counseling

Brave Step offers individual therapy with an experienced trauma therapist who utilizes the most effective trauma modality.

Changemaker Resources

Access carefully-vetted, trusted resources to guide and/or help you on your journey.

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Thank You to Loved Ones Program Founding Partners 

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