Adult Survivor Care

Services for Adult Survivors

Brave Step® wants to help survivors lead their best life. Our team has carefully designed a trauma-focused program to best meet the needs of an individual, regardless of one’s financial position.

Care is tailored to each survivor, enabling each brave individual the opportunity to take various steps at his/her own pace and discretion.

Care Options

Peer Support Groups

Peer-led support groups offer connection and understanding with other survivors. Female survivors meet:

  • Virtual: The first Wednesday of each month.
  • In Person: The third Tuesday of each month.

To sign up, click here

Group Therapy

Group therapy for 12 sessions led by an experienced trauma therapist that helps with resilience-building, garnering insight on one’s trauma along,  breaking the silence, exploring repressed feelings, and more. 

Individual Counseling

Brave Step offers individual therapy with an experienced trauma therapist who utilizes the most effective trauma modality – SE, IFS, EMDR, neurofeedback, and more. 

Finding One’s Voice

Options for finding one’s voice through journaling, art, music, telling a loved one, alumni meetings, etc.


Empowerment Programs

Brave Step offers a variety of empowerment options including trauma-informed yoga, skill development, and more. 

To learn if you qualify for Brave Step’s programs, please review the applicant criteria below and then contact

Ready? Let’s get started.

Are you ready for care?

  • Do you feel that your daily life is a struggle?
  • Are you a survivor of sexual violence?
  • Are you 18 years old or older? 
  • Are you willing to commit to and participate in your recovery/healing?

Two Paths

  • Individual and/or Group Counseling: If interested in counseling, please download the application found here.
  • Programs and Activities: If interested in one or more of our programs, please select the program of interest and apply online.

Pursuing Counseling

Return your completed application per instructions found in the application. Brave Step’s program manager will contact you for an appointment.

Explore Brave Step’s Library

Explore the Brave Step library where it is our goal to provide numerous books and resources for empowerment and help in healing. The books in our library are available to “check out” for free and can be mailed to your house. 

Changemaker Program

Changemakers will access carefully-vetted and trusted resources via our web portal, receive goal setting support, participate in training sessions, and gain the education they need to take steps toward action.

Brave Step™ Loved Ones

Learn about Brave Step’s program to help equip your loved ones with the support and care they need. 

Upcoming Events

Check out Brave Step’s upcoming events and programs.

Program Details

Applicant Criteria

The following criteria apply.

  1. Any person over 18
  2. Has experienced sexual abuse or sexual assault at any time
  3. Is experiencing struggle in daily life
  4. Is capable of participating in talk therapy
  5. Is willing to commit to and participate in their own recovery/healing.

Individuals are not eligible to receive services if the person:

  1. Is receiving therapy services elsewhere (specific to individual or group therapy).
  2. Has a severe dissociative disorder.
  3. Has a severe developmental or communication disorder that would prevent them from participating in talk therapy.
  4. Is actively abusing alcohol or drugs in a manner that would prevent them from participating in therapy.  It is expected that an individual would be referred for substance abuse treatment prior to participating in therapy for sexual trauma.
  5. Has one or more convictions for sexual assault.

Program Fees

As a survivor or the loved one of a survivor, you deserve to lead your best life, but quality trauma care can be expensive, difficult to find, and challenging to understand what services will garner the best outcomes. Brave Step makes the process easier and allows more survivors and their loved ones the opportunity to access care. A benefit of Brave Step’s program is personalized service, one that is designed to give you optimal results that are affordable and obtainable.

  • Many of Brave Step’s carefully vetted therapists accept insurance. Our team works diligently to find the right fit for care and one who accepts your insurance.
  • For those without insurance, Brave Step has a sliding scale that is tailored to your specific situation.

Please note, many of our services such as peer-led support groups, empowerment programs and ways to find your voice are free to participants. Contact us to learn more.

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