Position: Case Manager
Status: Contract Position
Timeline: Average of 5-10 hours a week
Pay: Market rate

Brave Step is seeking a case manager to assist in its mission to empower individuals who have been impacted by sexual abuse. To shape a strong, supportive community, we provide personalized services that help adults impacted by sexual abuse reclaim the life they deserve.

The case manager will be responsible for coordinating the overall plan of care for adult survivors of sexual abuse and complex trauma and their loved ones. The individual will oversee patient evaluation, assessment, discuss care options, monitor client progress, and more.

The case manager also will collaborate with our therapist network and plan, develop and implement strategies for program activation, policy development and growth.
We seek a trained individual who is willing to challenge the status quo in terms of care.

The position welcomes new ideas, someone willing to cultivate programs that best serve our clientele and be an instrumental part of our growth.

The following is an illustrative and not exhaustive list of required or desired qualifications, general responsibilities, and minimum expectations.


  • Master’s Degree in Mental Health (i.e. Social Work, Psychology, Counseling or related field).
  • A license is preferred. If available, one should be in good standing with licensing boards in all states in which he/she has held a license. Provide a copy of current professional license.
  • At least 3-5 years of case manager experience, ideally working with sexual abuse/trauma clients.
  • Knowledge of professionally accepted techniques most often used to treat sexual trauma, such as, but not limited to, EMDR, SE, psychophysiological trauma-work, dissociation disorders, mode deactivation treatment and IFS.
  • Passes background checks including, but not limited to, a criminal check.
  • Requires a global, creative problem solver that has excellent decision-making skills.
  • Strong written, oral communication and organization skills.
  • Ability to accept and implement change.
  • Attention to detail is a must as well as multi-tasking various tasks and client care details.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to maintain a positive collaborative relationship, internally and externally.
  • Excellent time management skills, able to prioritize, and organize and manage substantial amounts of files, schedules, dates, and information.
  • Self-directed and able to work without supervision.
  • Proficient computer skills, especially Microsoft Office 365.
  • Knowledge of HIPAA-compliant regulations and insurance a plus.
  • Existing office space is required.


  • Manage client evaluation process and assessments, discuss care options, monitor client
    progress, and adjust treatment plans.
  • Create, maintain and submit accurate records and documents including assessments, client
    surveys, etc.
  • Enhance the therapist provider network by identifying qualified trauma therapists, managing
    outreach and processing.
  • Identify and implement changes that improve program efficiency and effectiveness. Promote quality and cost-effective interventions and outcomes.
  • Cultivate and establish relationships and an open line of communication with private practice partners and ensure service is consistent with our mission, values, reporting, etc.
    Monthly communication with members of the network.
  • Initiate contact with first-time peer group attendees.
  • Participate in quarterly advisory board meetings and program discussions.
  • Brave Step requests staff to attend select events, strategic planning, and/or participate in conference calls.
  • Maintain current knowledge of assessment and treatment techniques, criminal justice
    systems, and community resources.
  • Collaborate with staff in funding opportunities and reporting.
  • Participate in the research, development and writing of trauma policies, protocols and practice guidelines as well as the implementation of those policies.
  • Note: At no point during the time working with Brave Step can a client of Brave Step become the case manager’s client.


  • Demonstrate a passion for mission and vision of Brave Step. Demonstrate knowledge of the
    organization’s mission, purpose, goals, programs, services, strengths, and needs.
  • Serve as a positive advocate for Brave Step within the community and assist the organization in gaining community support by exercising personal and professional contacts.
  • Take on additional community involvement projects and solve problems.
  • Assist with community presentations, trainings and speaking opportunities, as applicable.
  • Actively listen, analyze, think clearly and creatively, work well with people individually and in a group, and provide constructive feedback.
  • Build personal relationships and demonstrate a dedication to helping others.
  • Consider multiple viewpoints about controversial issues and communicate effectively with
    members and stakeholders.
  • Be responsive to communications.


  • Implement Brave Step’s peer-led support groups training curriculum.
  • Establish and/or maintain referral contacts for the primary pre-existing conditions Brave Step sees or expects to see.
  • Increase and/or maintain a full roster of trauma therapists.
  • Consistent and full data capture rate for client information.
  • Attend at least 75% of advisory board meetings.
  • Participate in a minimum of 1-2 community presentations a year.
  • Conduct outreach to Brave Step applicants within three days of receiving an application.
  • Assess each client within a week of initial contact.
  • Conduct a quarterly review of programs, processes and policies. Suggest at least one improvement per quarter to the organization’s effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Update Brave Step’s clinical manual at least once a year with changes.

To apply, please send resume to info@bravestep.org.