David Wagner is living in denial.

He survived childhood sexual abuse…at least he thought so. But like many survivors David is blind to the powerful effects still rippling in his adult life more than 30 years later.

No one — not his wife, his siblings, his closest friends or his business partners — knows the secrets hidden behind his idyllic shell of a life as a faithful father, millionaire entrepreneur. generous church-goer, and always, the funniest guy in the room. 

Based on a true story.

DENIAL is the story of a life lived in the shadows of an abusive past. David is typical of survivors who want nothing more than to distance themselves from the abuse and move on with their lives. 

If secrets make you sick then childhood sexual abuse is among the most lethal secrets in our culture today. David Wagner’s story will convince you of the critical importance of helping the millions of other victims end their silence and reclaim their lives.

Brave Step is honored to work with author Nanette Kirsch to share this dynamic and compelling story of sexual abuse. A portion of proceeds will benefit Brave Step’s counseling programs. To purchase, visit https://denialbook.com/