Let us walk with you.

At Brave Step, we work to build a strong, supportive community by helping adults impacted by sexual violence claim the life they deserve; fostering brave public conversations about sexual violence; and cultivating a community of courageous changemakers to take action and help prevent future sexual violence.
family walking


Adult Survivor Care

To help survivors claim the life they deserve, Brave Step uses a multi-faceted model that includes individual counseling, group therapy, peer-led support groups, empowerment programs, and ways to find one’s voice.

Loved Ones

In addition to counseling, Brave Step has a psychoeducation program for loved ones and allies. The program creates a trauma-informed environment and process to safely express one’s emotions; builds a baseline of knowledge on sexual violence; and provides tangible ways to support the survivor short and long term.


Brave Step’s Changemaker program provides participants the training and the tools they need to support one another and help prevent future sexual violence. Access carefully vetted and trusted resources, participate in training sessions, and gain the education they need to take steps toward action.

Joining you on this journey

We equip adult survivors, loved ones and the community with the services, skills and understanding to shape a strong, supportive community.