The easy question is where do I start? As Brave Step grows and creates a voice for itself, our team thought it was valuable to provide real-life; “straight from the horses” mouth commentary. So, it appears my blog is it for now.

Abuse is no joke. It cripples you from the inside out even though you appear happy, healthy and put together. It’s a disease that eats away at the fabric of who you are, how you feel about yourself and the mental fortitude that remains, if any.

While I have shared my testimony a few times now, it still amazes me how much the memory of it affects a person emotionally. The physical is terrible don’t get me wrong, but it’s the mental aspect that never leaves you. It’s the mental portion that returns in the oddest times and propels you to feel the deepest of emotions.

Through my journey of sharing, that’s the sentiment I get from others. It’s a “box” of memories and emotions that is difficult to open so we choose by and large to put the box away. Yet, similar to a cookie jar but without the sweet reward, that lid gets opened from time to time.

Just imagine what life can be like if you fully open that box, face the horrors inside and move beyond it.