Will Someone Please Just Tell Me WHY?!

Have you ever had one of those days, or weeks, or months? April was stress awareness month, and I’ve got to be honest, I got in way over my head. I have been working on volunteering on writing a grant for my children’s elementary school, a Girl Scout Troop Leader, working on my private practice, which includes so many things my head wants to spin around. My house is a disaster. I have been in numerous meetings all month for various agencies; some new and some old. I am frustrated and I am tired. The feeling of exhaustion, but beyond exhaustion. Why…? Can someone tell me why? Anyone?!

My name is Sarah DeMaison and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Before you run away screaming, please know, I AM NOT HERE TO TAKE YOUR CHILDREN, PARTNER, PETS, HOUSE, or anything else! I am simply a therapist. Everyone hears the term “social worker” and automatically what comes to mind? The picture of the woman ripping helpless children out of a parents arms while the parent is screaming. Listen, I have a set of boy/girl twins who turn 6 in June. They keep returning home. I have a lot on my own plate. No worries!

What is a therapist? My approach to therapy is….all over the place, just like life!  I honestly believe everyone is a survivor and recovering from something. Think about that statement. Whether surviving a horrible childhood or simply making it through the day; everyone is striving to continue surviving. Everyone is recovering from something in their past; whether it be 40 years ago, 5 years ago, or just an hour ago in rush hour traffic. If you are reading this congratulations! You survived today and it is time to begin the recovery process and hopefully this is a healthy process. If the process is not as healthy, and you know if it is or is not, then maybe we should talk or maybe talk to someone who is a neutral person. Someone you don’t know personally.

My goal is to meet you where you are at. My goal is to not change you. I am simply riding along in the passenger seat of the car and you are driving the car. I might make suggestions such as “hey, maybe take a left past that tree up there” or “I think we should make a U-turn and check out the street we just drove by” or even “hey, it is starting to rain, are the windshield wipers working?” but I am not driving the car. Even when you take your hands off the steering wheel and cover your eyes, I still refuse to drive.

You deserve to focus on yourself. How can you take care of everyone else and try to do everything for everyone if you cannot take care of yourself? You can do this, but only for so long until one day you realize “something is wrong.” I work with many individuals who cannot define what is going on but I absolutely understand when you tell me “something is wrong.” This is my own unique definition of what a therapist is, or should be.

No worries! We will talk more soon! Oh, before I forget, I can tell you why I am beyond exhausted! It is because I put myself in this month long predicament! Now, to figure out what to do next…maybe start with a nap.

Sarah DeMaison, LCSW

A Change Within, LLC