Braving a New Tomorrow: Nov. 14-30

We are all impacted by sexual violence. As a parent, caregiver, friend, ally and loved one, those you care about have been or will be impacted by sexual violence.

It’s true that one in four (or more) women and one in six (or more) men are sexually abused by the age of 18 and that sexual assault occurs every 68 seconds which means you are not immune to sexual violence.

From Nov. 14-30, rally your friends, family and network to come together to help shape a strong, supportive community for all generations.

We can all be Changemakers by starting to build a better tomorrow today. Join Us in Braving a New Tomorrow.


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Thank you to our incredible partners. 

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Giving Options

Text to Donate

Text the code “BRAVESTEP” to 44-321 to donate now.


Mail your check to 970 Stafford Farm Road, Concord, N.C. 28025.

Incentives to Give

Between Nov. 14-30, if you start a monthly pledge, increase a pledge, or make a one-time gift of any amount, you will be entered into a raffle.

Join Us Nov. 15 for a

Celebration of Hope &  Life

Join us Nov. 15 at 7 p.m. ET to kick off Brave Step’s “Braving a New Tomorrow” campaign.

The virtual “Celebration of Hope and Life” will honor the spirit of healing, empower others, and cultivate change. We will celebrate Changemakers participating in “Braving a New Tomorrow,” allowing their stories and passion to come forward and inspire action.

Thank you to our incredible partners. 

 About Your Donations, Where & How They are used

Your support is invaluable to our mission of empowering survivors, loved ones and the community, all of which are impacted by sexual violence.

Our vision is to inspire and empower adults to take action within their lives and to shape a strong, supportive community for current and future generations. Thank you for joining us on this journey!

A $5 Gift Each Month

Gives a trauma survivor 12 minutes of specialized therapy with a compassionate, carefully-vetted therapist.

A $10 Gift Each Month

Fuels 10 minutes in group therapy where connection is made, a shift in understanding can be taken and a step towards freedom.

A $30 Gift Each Month

Fuels one of two “sisterhoods” we call Courageous Corner. Courageous Corner is a free peer-led support group for women to find understanding, love, and hope.

A $35 Gift Each Month

Provides a trauma-informed assessment to help a survivor build a road map on his/her healing journey.

A $50 Gift Each Month

Is one hour of bravery for a survivor needing group counseling, impacting six to eight people.

A $250 Gift Each Month

Provides an education and/or inspiring Changemaker guest that leads others on their journey as a Changemaker or to becoming one.

A $500 Gift Each Month

Is an investment in Brave StepTM Loved Ones that sponsors three of six psychoeducational sessions, empowering and educating loved ones of a survivor.